Most Dangerous Small Towns in the U.S


Emeryville, though its own city, has a high property crime rate of 211.9, while its violent crime rate is 13.4. 

Emeryville, California


A place with a violent crime rate of 55 is undesirable to live or visit. It is recommended to avoid this community and consider visiting Chicago,

Sauk Village, Illinois


Glendale, a Denver suburb, has a low violent crime rate of 9.5, but a high property crime rate of 177.

Glendale, Colorado


A Miami suburb serving as a gateway to national parks, but with mostly farms and gas stations, offering little reason to stay. 

Florida City, Florida


Ocean City is a popular beach destination with boardwalks and amusement parks, but it has a high property crime rate of 104.3.

Ocean City, Maryland


Marksville, LA, near the Louisiana-Mississippi border, has attractions like the State Prehistoric Park and Museum, but higher crime rates make it better for a day trip.

Marksville, Louisiana


Osceola, known for its blues music heritage and the annual Osceola Heritage MusicFest, may not be an ideal place to live due to its high ranking in this category.

Osceola, Arkansas


Hartsville offers little of interest and has a high property crime rate. Opt for safer and more charming small towns in South Carolina like Isle of Palms instead.

Hartsville, South Carolina


Darlington exudes Southern charm, with historic architecture and lively festivals, but its high property crime rate should be considered. 

Darlington, South Carolina


Unfortunately experiences relatively high crime rates, especially in property offenses, surpassing 70 per 1,000 people.

Globe, Arizona