10 Best Fish Dishes


Grilled Salmon

This popular dish features a perfectly grilled fillet of salmon, often marinated with herbs, lemon, and olive oil. It's simple, flavorful, and healthy.

Fish Tacos

A favorite in coastal regions, fish tacos typically include battered and fried fish, shredded cabbage, fresh salsa, and a drizzle of tangy sauce, all wrapped in a soft tortilla.

Sushi and Sashimi

Japanese delicacies, freshness and flavors of raw fish. Sushi refers to bite-sized portions of fish atop vinegar-seasoned rice, sashimi is thinly sliced raw fish served without rice.

Fish and Chips

A classic British dish, fish and chips consists of crispy, battered fish, cod or haddock served with thick-cut fries. It's accompanied by tartar sauce or malt vinegar.


Latin America, a refreshing dish made by marinating raw fish (commonly white fish or shrimp) in citrus juices like lemon or lime. The citrus juice "cooks" the fish, resulting in a tangy and flavorful appetizer.

Fish Curry

Fish curry combines the delicate flavors of fish with aromatic spices and a creamy coconut or tomato-based sauce. It's typically served with rice or bread.

Fish Chowder

Hearty soup is popular in coastal regions and features tender chunks of fish (such as cod or halibut), potatoes, onions & herbs, all cooked in a creamy broth.

Grilled Whole Fish

Branzino or snapper, is a great way to enjoy the natural flavors of the fish. It's often seasoned with herbs, garlic, and lemon before being grilled to perfection.

Fish Kebabs

Skewered fish kebabs are a delicious option for grilling or broiling. Chunks of fish, often marinated in a flavorful blend of spices, are threaded vegetable like bell peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes.


A flavorful fish stew made with a variety of fish and shellfish, cooked in a fragrant broth with tomatoes, saffron, herbs, and garlic. Served with crusty bread and a side of rouille (a garlic and saffron-infused mayonnaise).

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