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   I have a background in art, design, history, and nutrition. But it is my passion for design, cooking, wine, and making ordinary days extraordinary, that inspired
Perfect Picnics.

Sharon as a young girl at a picnic

Me with friends & family enjoying a summer picnic at
Mission Bay, 1963

   I was born in San Diego, California where picnics are traditional, and I was raised in an Italian family where I began my culinary training in my grandparents’ kitchen. Paul and Rose were amazing cooks, patient teachers, and the warmest hosts imaginable. Everyone was welcome at their table, and their table was where our celebrations took place.

Bruce's parents enjoying a picnic

Bruce’s mom and dad celebrating 4th of July in
Paola, Kansas a long time ago

   My husband, Bruce, and I adopted Oregon as our home in 2003. The variety and abundance of fresh, local ingredients infuse my menus, and the beauty and serenity of Yamhill County spark my creativity. We built Quails’ Nest Farm, our home here in wine country, in 2004 and we plan to stay in paradise forever!